Tano Properties offer a range of services from finding, to buying, to Letting and then Managing which ensures you get a good value on your investments whilst providing a completely passive process.

An investors problem is that they don’t always know where to invest, what to buy, or who to trust in the business. This is where we come in. Tano Properties is a property investment company that deals directly with property developers, business owners, Leading architects, Proven Local Contractors and large construction companies who are experienced in creating and maintaining property. Tano Properties will deal directly with these companies and get the best rates as well as handle all the red tape, fuss and paperwork, making your job as easy as choosing an investment and watching it grow. We work for you.

There are 5 ways your investment can make you money:

1) The Classic short term Investment

Put simply, Buy to let property investment works.
Here at Tano Properties we understand that People want passive income- money working for you and not you working for money. We provide the solution as we can Find, Buy, refurbish, Let, and manage to ensure its a completely passive process.

There is a long list of under market value property and with this investment option, we buy the property, refurbish it to your liking, add value, and resell or rent the property. Simple as that.

2) Long Term Investment

If you invest in property and it is for the long term then you will have no reason to sell those properties Or attune your self to the market of a specific year. That’s why you invest in properties that you like, as you will have no reason to sell them. This is what gives you a sustainable income

Working closely with companies like Iliad Group, one of the UK’s leading independent property development companies, there are several existing and in progress investments being established in the UK. So,You choose the investment that best suits your needs, Tano Properties will find the best way to invest your capital, and as the investment grows, so does your contribution.

3) Commercial Property

Tano oversees a portfolio of commercial properties that house businesses and franchises. You can invest in these properties and reap the rewards of a commercial annual income. Tano Properties will oversee the tenants, paperwork and all the red tape.
And it doesn’t end there, we encourage our clients to submit their property requirements to us. This way we can provide them with a clear-cut service and use our know-how of the commercial property market to find and present opportunities whilst covering our modest fees.

4) Trading Businesses

Tano works with several successful businesses who are constantly looking to expand. We simply present you with the business that would benefit from your investment and you pick one. You then receive a share and annual returns.

6) Developments

Anyone can go out and develop, with the capital and vision this is a no-brainer. However with experience comes precision and often it is the attention to detail that distinguishes and separates a poor Development to a Great one.
Working with companies such as Iliad Group we have been able to provide a benchmark to quality in both the residential and Student properties and now we are providing you with the opportunity to invest in their future projects.

Sign up as an investment partner today and When you’re ready, we will be happy to do a FREE initial consultation (15 minutes over the phone or in person) to discuss this opportunity.
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